FUCK! *(It's Pronounced SHIT!)* Edinburgh, UK

Murderburgers side project. The musical equivalent of a mental breakdown.


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Track Name: I Need My Inhaler
I've been homeless, I've had scabies. I've got asthma, i'm fucking ugly.

All these things that don't kill me, they only make me weaker and not want to get out of bed.
Track Name: Tuesday Morning Staring Match With A Dog
Looking through that dirty window, across both the back gardens
and made eye contact with a dog
I assumed what it was thinking so I refrained from blinking
but it seemed to have it sussed and I really could not compete

This is what it's come to, this is how I pass my time
I look into a stranger's window and have a staring match with their canine.
Track Name: I've Died A Few Times Already
Every night I only seem to dream of someone dying
It could be me or you, no I can't chose
but i'm blaming it for all the sleep I lose
This demon needs outing, i've had enough of waking up shouting
and thinking there's a screwdriver stuck in my chest, it's no wonder i'm a mess

I'm sick, i'm shattered
I never thought it mattered
that I see someone crawling up my bed and wrapping the sheets around my head
I'd try sleeping pills but I
am afraid that I might never fuckin' wake up.
Track Name: A Sorry Excuse For A Song Hiding Behind A Long And Witty Title
Chronic panic attacks,
Re-occurring flashbacks of back when I was 6 years old
I don't want you inside my head anymore.
Track Name: It's Fuckin' Freezing, Man
Can I use your shower? Can I use your washing machine?
I got soaking wet when walking here tonight.
Can I watch your TV?
Can I waste all of your electricity?
Cos my own company is boring me, but most importantly...

Can you leave the heating on? Can you leave the heating on all night?
I know it's expensive but it'll be totally shite if it's too cold to sleep again tonight.

I'm fucking warning you - don't turn it off...fucking leave it on.
Track Name: You Look Like I Need A Wank
What a fuckin' waste of time, this whole thing has been a waste of time
Just like getting out of bed or like falling in love, it's all been a waste of time
You'll never get the last few minutes back or 'get' the last few years and nor will I
I swear you're fucking killing me, it's time to stop wasting time

It's time you stopped wasting all of my time
It's time I stopped wasting all of your time
I don't like your company, you don't like mine
It's time we stopped wasting each other's time.