It's Still Pronounced SHIT! EP

by FUCK! *(It's Pronounced SHIT!)*

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(A song about trying not to die) 5 years on, and everything seems muddied up yet so clear I’m confused yet I know what I have to do here In order to avoid all of this praying to no one To please just let me win this time I’d trade all these songs for something better But I know I can’t so I’ll just keep on holding out I know the sun’s behind those dark clouds, I’ll keep on asking them to slow down so that I don’t keep waking up Every morning with these itchy wrists, a swollen skull I don’t want to scratch or relieve the pressure.
(A song about BDD) Did you see that fucking prick? The one that was looking right back at me? I’m so sick of the things he says, like “Look at how you’ve turned out – you disgust me” and “you won’t get anywhere at all if you’re not handsome and symmetrical” but I’ve finally figured out that he’s not real I put the mirror back up and close the door, I won’t live like that anymore.
(A song about needing more sleep) Is is too bright or not bright enough? Either way everybody's screaming at me I keep overthinking everything when I know that there’s no point and I should take it easy I’ve come too far without kicking the chair out I’ve learned to simplify and try to take my time and even though it bums me out when I hear you say that every night inside your head you feel the worlds collide And you can’t seem to untangle your insides And that the grass is always greener on the suicide Well, I promise that you’re wrong.
(A song for Brandon) I still find myself in tears at the sound of your 16ths But in my heart and mind you’re still alive, We all know you’re too tough to die.
(A song about taking a trip to hell) It feels like I’ve somehow ruined everything but I don’t know how, One minute we were having fun and now I’m bleeding out Anyway, I’m so sorry for everything When/if I snap out of this I’ll do my best to sort things out But for now Please find the sharpest stone and smash my skull.
(A song about a reoccurring dream I used to have) I had a dream last night you were still alive and you'd straightened yourself out, You'd come to visit every now and then, we had lots of things to talk about You told me you were proud of me but this time to my face, and not in a weird caps lock message sent years ago on MySpace I told you not to worry, you'd just went down the wrong path and that hopefully someday we could look back and laugh at all the times I spent freezing to death in that driveway in the snow Begging, crying, screaming, pleading you to please not go.
(A song about not wanting to be a sad piece of shit anymore) Not one more year of this please I don’t want to keep on losing days I'm through with sucking out the poison and spitting it in my own face I’m trying hard to write that ending, and I’ve purchased you new headphones So you can drown me out for as long as you need I probably should do that too When I wake up in these cold sweats thinking I hear you downstairs, When I know nobody's there All those dreams of burning cars and skin grafts never made much sense But sometimes these days being awake does So I promise not to jump the gun, so you won’t have to dodge a bullet And I won’t have to stare out of my bedroom window thinking about throwing my whole body through it Cos if there's one thing I know without a doubt, it's that I'm through with feeling hopeless, lost and lonely and I'm done with looking for another way out.


released October 17, 2017


all rights reserved



FUCK! *(It's Pronounced SHIT!)* Edinburgh, UK

Murderburgers side project. The musical equivalent of a mental breakdown.

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