FUCK! *(It's Pronounced SHIT!)* Edinburgh, UK

Murderburgers side project. The musical equivalent of a mental breakdown.


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Track Name: My Therapist Looks Like A Wizard
I never thought at the age of 25
that I'd be in a doctor's office because I didn't want to be alive
He tells me that i'm brave but I know i'm just a coward
and i'm losing at the war inside my head

Hello, misery
I heard that you like company
and I've got nothing else to do
so why don't we hang out
Track Name: You've Not Lived Until You've Almost Died, Baby
Lately I've not been myself
I'm willing to try out things that might help
me not to lose every night and struggle through every day
I can't concentrate but I'll try me best
to feel the pressure in my fist and chest
but what the fuck will I do if the trigger doesn't work?
What the fuck will I do now that the trigger doesn't work?
Track Name: My Attitude May Stink But I Smell Fuckin' Amazing
I stand in the shower for way longer than I used to
staring at formerly white tiles with my mind fucking racing
drinking another lukewarm beer and trying to slow down my heart rate
I guess that my personal hygiene has improved but my head's still such a fucking mess

I thought I had it sussed this time
part of me is still convinced I do
but that part has been defective for years
I've been trying to kill it off, much like I've killed the rest

I know that i'm creating more problems for myself
just simply to avoid the task at hand
but my primitive thoughts are telling me "prepare to die alone"
and I'd smash my fucking skull to get them out, but i'm just so exhausted.
Track Name: It's Not The Size Of Your Penis That Matters, It's How Big It Is
My body is a temple that nobody will worship
or even take a look at, avoid contact at any cost
my body is a temple that's clearly dilapidated
too late for restoration and I find it hard to care
It's decaying on the outside and drowning on the inside
the alcohol is corrosive, my organs don't stand a chance

My body has a built-in clock that's always at the wrong time
the hands both spin in opposite directions
and the face is fucking smashed
my body has a GPS that's always in the wrong location
it panics at every turn until the battery runs out

My body is a temple, I wish someone would knock it down.
Track Name: In A Parallel Universe I Have A Highly Paid Job, A Beautiful Wife And Two Very Well Behaved Children
I've been drinking less and sleeping more
and doing my best to not ignore
when I feel like i'm pushing everyone away
but there's always thoughts in the back of my mind
pushing forward and lately i'm finding it hard to care about keeping them at bay

As the years go by the less I want to fucking die
but the more I feel like giving up
All I have now are three chord songs and the art of being wrong
It'll kill me wondering where you went
but i'm genuinely afraid of being content.
Track Name: All Ya'll Otha Sleepwalkers Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me
Why is my piss everywhere?
Why is there blood in my hair?
Why did I come to running halfway up the stair?
I was asleep inside with clothes on, now i'm half naked on your front lawn
I don't understand why the guy that was sucking up to me last night won't shake my hand
but that's okay - he was a fuckin' dick anyway

I'm a total joke when i'm awake and not in control when I sleep.
Track Name: Wanking Is Still Honest
On my own again
close to smashing up my phone again
but thank god that wanking is still honest
cos I guess that's what I'll be doing from now on
as if I ever stopped, as if I ever will

Out of luck again
100% fucked again
but thank god that I've got people to talk to
but it feels like talking is all I've been doing for years
it seems like it never stops, I hope someday it will

So darling, just sit still
look me in the eye
tell me that I fucked up and you hate me and you hope that I fucking die
because that would be easier to take
than sitting here and wondering why
things are clearly over but nobody is saying goodbye.